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    ...............Customer Quotes...............

    "You are incredibly professional and honest or the best con in the business."

    Mike Harrison - mike@net2go.com

      "Your site is stupendous! Thanks to your pages, I was able to ask pointed questions of my local bank rep. He wasn't amused."

    Carol A. Barton-Silvers

      "You create clarity where elsewhere there is a fog of confusion.  I would recommend you highly and without hesitation to any merchant looking to establish a merchant credit card account."

    Sidney - sthomas@TheAfrican.Com

    Here's What Fellow Merchants are Saying

    To: Rob Delzio - Del West Merchant Services <delwest@mktmkt.com>
    From:   egarci@reacciun.ve

    Dear Rob,
    Thanks once more. We have already tested the "Verisign real time credit card processing system" with real transactions and it works fine.  It seems that, as all is OK now, your work with us is finished. But I want you to know that I am very much satisfied with your superb services. Even as my relation with you was only business, I think that your care and dedicated attention to us went well beyond what can be expected in business, and for that I am very grateful.

    Best regards


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: dinc1@mail.idt.net

    Hi Rob,
    I'm really happy to have gotten approved, and I can't thank you enough. I really appreciate it. I feel really lucky to have found your service in the sea of scams out here! You're the best!


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: support@mormons.com
    Subject: Questions

    I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how extremely HAPPY I am that I found your web page about accepting credit cards. Your service has been better than anything I could have ever expected!



    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: norm@dega.com
    Subject: WOW

    This is the most impressive site I have ever seen of its kind! Looking forward to digesting your info and contacting you again.


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: teresita@tezcat.com

    I have recently been approved by EMS. Unfortunately, I am finding constant differences between what EMS tells me and reality. I am also finding that the information needed to run the ICVerify software has simply not been supplied by EMS and I am having to run around to Discover and Echo to fill in all of these blanks. My rep can't even tell me if we are setup to use AMEX!


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: lanceo@www.pagelink.com

    I sure wish I had found you before I got talked into a poor deal,
    Actually misleading statements by the sales rep were to blame.

    Merchants Choice Service swindled me!


    To: merchant@mktmkt.com
    From: jan@wolfenet.com

    An Agent took my $149 application fee, ...and three months later I have just been declined because I am an INTERNET merchant.

    Can you help me out... I need a merchant ID!


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: cybersins@mcn.net

    Hi. Your page on the ins and outs of merchant credit cards gave us a tremendous amount of great information but it was scary as well because it makes you realize the great potential for getting screwed. We have two sites that are ready to go online. I am very anxious to get started.


    To: merchant@mktmkt.com
    From: VisionNary@aol.com

    I am impressed with your approach to the Merchant Card quagmire - your description mirrors what I have found.

    I think what you're doing (providing the straight talk and education) is really great - it is exactly what a new Merchant Account seeker needs to know. I only wish I'd found your site at the beginning of my search instead of now; the learning curve would have been much less steep!


    To: merchant@mktmkt.com
    From: jjorgensen@corpcomm.net
    Subject: Three smart steps.......

    After a few months of pain and torment, I learned more in ten minutes at your page than I have up to this point. Thanx for putting it all together in such a helpful fashion.


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: jbuckman@shelby.com

    I really enjoyed your "no-bullshit" web page for merchant accounts. It's quite a difference from all the others I looked at.


    To: delwest@mktmkt.com
    From: dlbdata@erols.com

    OK...Got it..... RJ Delzio/Del West Merchant Services...saved me about $1000 that I was ready to shell out to one of the other card services and the equipment leasing!

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  • That's right. So, when they're not coining money, printing money, or burning money,
    the folks at the Mint are likely to be processing credit cards using our transaction software.
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